Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And the winner is...


Not since Walter Mondale ran against Ronald Reagan in 1984 has a victory been so one-sided.  The fact that the Winter Garden Stocking cap was adorable is a testament to how very CUTE the Princess scarf was.  The final vote was 91 to 27.

Congratulations to Sara for kicking Sarah's butt!  As usual, Sara gets to wear the tiara of victory for the next two weeks.  But, for winning by such a large margin, Sara deserves something more.  I am proud to present her with the first ever "Sarrie" Award for Excellence in Crafting.

Sara, I expect to see this statuette proudly displayed in your home for life!  Congratulations!

Come back tomorrow to find out what we'll be doing next.
Recap - Challenge No. 6:

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Joe said...

OMG. That is hilarious. Congratulations to Sara for this victory and to Sarah for such a graceful and clever concession!

Suzzy said...

Ditto what Joe said! LOVE love love the statue!

Sara from Sara vs. Sarah said...

Sarah - you are too funny, as usual! Ditto to Joe's comment. Thanks for the Sarrie - I am honored and will proudly display her in the craft room!

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