Monday, November 22, 2010

Coming Soon! Sarah's Retro Craft Virtual Advent Calendar

Believe me, I have enough to do with my life, but I get these ideas and I just have to run with them.  So, I'm brushing aside my many obligations and my strong desire to sleep for 12 hours a day to bring you my "Retro Craft Virtual Advent Calendar."

Just a few of my vintage craft books and magazines.

Starting on December 1st, everyday I will post one crafted Christmas decoration that is inspired by my large collection of vintage craft books, patterns, or acquired crafted items.  You will be seeing sequins, felt, macaroni, string, Elmer's glue, tin cans, plastic crap, glitter, gold paint, toilet paper tubes, and all manner of other retro supplies.  I don't want to make promises at this point, but there may even be a macrame project!  I'll include instructions/tutorials for as many of them as I can.

I hope you'll click over to Sara vs. Sarah every day between December 1st and December 24th to see what I've come up with.  Of course, Sara will be around, too, to tell you about all her holiday crafting, and we'll battle it out as usual in our biweekly competition.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...  in my grandparents' basement circa 1967!

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Terry said...

I can't wait!

Carol said...

You need to get someone to pay you for this entertainment you're providing! : )

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