Sunday, November 21, 2010

Joe's Stuff

This is me with my friend Joe:
Sarah and Joe, friends forever!
Joe and I have been friends since the 4th grade where he sat in front of me.  His first words to me were, "Hi, I'm Joey.  I like your pen.  Can I have it?"  I recently went to Minnesota to visit Joe.  This is Minnesota:
Joe's balcony covered in snow.
We had 8 inches of snow while I was there.  I moved from Minnesota to Arizona 15 years ago.  Can you guess why?

Joe has been the recipient of many gifts from me.  I like to give stuff to people who appreciate it and Joe always appreciates it.  He once told me that he is a little disappointed whenever I give him a store bought gift.  Since I was at Joe's place, I thought I might give you a rundown of the stuff I've given him over the years.

This is not the most exciting thing I've given him, but he loves it.
Flannel rag quilt.  Perfect for a guy whose patio is covered in snow.
If you can't figure out why he might love a warm, cozy flannel rag quilt, please refer back to the previously shown picture of Minnesota.

Joe loves airplanes so when he saw the fabric in the next project, he knew he had to have something made from it.  He asked me to make him a bolster pillow for his bed:
Airplane bolster pillow.
Now that we've gotten those out of the way, let's take a look at some of the really interesting stuff.  For example, there is this piece:
Glorified Doris
I call it "Glorified Doris."  Joe loves Doris Day (who doesn't?) so I came up with this idea of making him a Mexican folk art alter, but replacing the image of the saint with a picture of Doris Day.  When I gave it to him, I was afraid that he would think it was weird so, before he opened the gift, I made him promise that he would give it back to me rather than throw it away.  There was no need for me to worry as it has become one of his favorite possessions.  He said that if there was a fire in his home, it would be one of the top three things he would try to save.  Now that's a compliment!

That Girl pillow based on the original That Girl kite logo.
Joe also loves That Girl.  That's why I made him this That Girl pillow.  Is it not awesome?  People aren't allowed to use the pillow.  It's just for pretty.  Joe's rule, not mine.

The latest haul of thrift store vintage Santas.
Joe collects vintage Santas, consequently, I always have my eye out for them when I'm at the thrift stores.  This is the haul I brought him on this visit (the can is his, I brought everything else).  The Lefton Santa salt & pepper shakers are my favorite thing from this bunch.

A few years ago, Joe spent several months in France doing a French immersion program.  I lived and worked in France in the mid-1990s so I felt I was in a position to really understand what this experience would mean to him.  I decided to make him a going away gift of a boxed journal/scrapbook so he could remember the experience.
The journal was made to fit in a cigar box.  The picture on the front is from a vintage Air France ad (remember, he likes airplanes). 
The journal is nested in the cigar box along with a glue pen for securing mementos.

The book comes out of the box to reveal a surprise on the bottom.
The surprise at the bottom of the box.
The bottom is a Scrabble board (because we love to play Scrabble) with the words "Vive la France," some airplanes, "le tricolore" (French flag), and the Eiffel Tower.  All this is encased in resin.  Joe loves resin (and so do I).

Speaking of resin, here is the single oddest gift I have made for Joe:  the Liberace trivets!  These are old luncheon plates, painted, glittered up, bejeweled, and decoupaged with pictures of "Li" and photos from old cookbooks.  These are guaranteed to make even the dullest of dinner parties loads of fun (not that Joe ever has dull parties).
Fabulous Liberace Trivets (anything with Liberace is fabulous).
Last, but certainly not least, is the latest present I made for him:
1960's Santa tree skirt.
I found this vintage tree skirt kit at Goodwill.  I paid all of $2.40 for it.  It was partially completed so all I needed to do was finish it.  Joe has an Evergleam aluminum Christmas Tree that I covet more than any other object on Earth.  He's always been vexed by how to cover the legs of the tree.  What better way than a mint condition, vintage tree skirt?!

Detail of the tree skirt.  Santa's bag has been left open for hiding small presents.
This is a classic felt and sequin tree skirt.  The silver "snowflakes" are going to be so pretty when Joe shines his color wheel on the tree.  I know two people who say they had the same Santa on their stocking when they were kids. One of them is Sara and she freaked when she saw this!

So, there it is.  A stroll back in time reliving Joe's gifts, handmade with love by me.  But, the best gift of all is having a great friend like Joe!  (I think I just vomited a little in my mouth).

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Anonymous said...


The Doris Day painting and the boxed journal are SOOOO awesome! You have just the most creative and itneresting brain. Things like this never come out of mine. :( And your execution is always impeccable.


Suzzy said...

I love them all but the Scrabble bottom box and the Liberace trivets are my faves!

Sara from Sara vs. Sarah said...

I LOVE the santa tree skirt - the fringe is a nice touch! :-) and yes that is the EXACT santa i had on my childhood stocking!!

Terry said...

So nice to see the picture of Joe, now I can put a face to the name you always talk about. I loved seeing all the gifts, great idea to take those shots! My favorite is the cigar box, oh my gosh this is so cute.

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