Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Knitted Old School Lights - About 'em

One of my favorite things about Christmas (ok, there are only about a million) are the big old school bulbs! I love them so much and think they are far cuter than the little teeny ones. So, when I saw this kit for sale at Knit Picks, I just about died. For real. No seriously, Knit Picks sent a catalogue with this on the front, back in September. It was still 100+ here. I tossed it right into the recycle. Who can think about Christmas when it's hotter than you knot what? But then something happened ... they emailed me in November when it was not 100+ and I actually stopped to take a peek. I was then captivated by the knitted bulbs and immediately ordered the full kit. Yep, because in my imaginary world, I have lots and lots of spare time and could actually make all these! (Someday I will, really).

In the meantime, I give you the knitted old school lights! I heart them. I think they look egg-cellent (couldn't help it!) on this white mini tree (which was only $8 at Target ... and why I have three of them. Yes 3 - the other 2 are different colors at least).

This actually came out to be long enough to string across my mantle, but there's plenty up there already and I really like the contrast of the black "cord" on the white tree.

I did also make this intending to submit "knitted mini tree decor":

But the truth, is...I just don't love this. There are some lessons learned on this project, like: do not cut ends until COMPLETELY done (so they don't unravel, ugh), and if it says pick up 80 stitches to make the front edging, do it. Only picking up 60 leads to a scrunched up sweater = not good. You know what the crazy thing is, I probably have 6 stinking hours in this thing and that's a lot for a mini sweater. Right? I consider myself a somewhat speedy knitter, and this seems like a lot. Hmmm. Good thing for road trips wherein someone else drives!

Also, in my fit of ambitiousness ... I started the vest from the kit. I'm not doing all that charting ... mine will be solid red. And there is no picture now, because at this point it looks like a Belly Band and not a vest because it's not done! LOL.

PS: If anyone is interested in this kit from KP, I'd definitely recommend it. You get  A LOT of nice Peruvian wool in it and all the patterns! While it won't happen anytime soon, I'd love to make all the little ornaments - I think the penguin is next!

In the meantime ... happy Christmas season, hope you like our projects, and please vote. :-)

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luvinthemommyhood said...

Your lights turned out fabulous! Love them!!! Great job.

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