Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Virtual Advent Calendar Day 7: Soup Can Santa

18 Days Left Until Christmas!

When I was a kid, our neighbors, the Rumsches, gave my brothers and me soup can Santas one year at Christmas.  They were made by their Grandma Harriet. I thought they were so clever. And, they were filled with candy!  That never hurts.

I've always had a mind to recreate the soup can Santa.  Here's my version.  
Supplies Needed:
  • Clean, empty soup can with a circumference of about 9 inches (I used a can of chicken broth with a tabbed top; this worked out great because you end up with a nice smooth rim)
  • Felt--red, pink, white, blue and black
  • Red and white worsted weight yarn
  • Size 8 double pointed needles

Step 1:  Knit cap as follows.  Because it's small, you will have to use double-pointed needles.  I happen to love working with dp needles and I think they get a bad rap.  Give it a go; it'll be fine!  If you really can't do it, knit this on two needles (remembering to purl every other row to get the stockinette stitch), then seam it up the back.
  • co 44 with white yarn
  • *k2 p2* for 5 rounds
  • Change to red yarn and knit until your work measures 3.5 inches from the bottom; begin decreasing for crown
  • 1:  *k9, k2 tog*
  • 2:  k even
  • 3:  *k8, K2 tog*
  • 4:  k even
  • 5:  *k7, k2 tog*
  • 6:  k even
  • 7:  *k6, K2 tog*
  • 8:  k even
  • 9:  *k5, k2 tog*
  • 10:  k even
  • 11:  *k4, K2 tog*
  • 12:  *k3, K2 tog*
  • 13:  *k2, K2 tog*
  • 14:  *k1, k2 tog*
  • 15:  *k2 tog*
  • Cut yarn, thread through remaining stitches and pull up to close the hole on top.  Tie off.  Work in all ends.  Make a pompom out of white yarn and tie to top of cap. 
Step 2:  Cut a piece of red felt to fit your can.  Glue in place.

Step 3:  Cut out felt pieces using template provided below.  Glue pieces on can.

Cost:  Pretty darn cheap
Time to complete:  From soup to Santa in 2-4 hours, depending on how fast you can knit
Skill Level:  An intermediate knitter or confident beginner could knit the cap.  The rest could be done by an 8 year old.

There we go, day 7 is in the bag.  On to week 2 of the Retro Craft Virtual Advent Calendar.


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