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VAC Day 11 SPECIAL VIDEO EDITION: North Pole Puppet Theater

14 Days Left Until Christmas!
North Pole Puppet Theater
Now, for your enjoyment, the North Pole Puppet Theater's latest production, "Waiting for Santa," starring Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Kristopher Kringle, thespian.
This project is from the 1966 Classic "Stitchery and Crafts" from the folks at Better Homes and Gardens.  

As you can see, the cover boasts that book contains everything from "weaving" to "bazaar ideas" (a different thing entirely from "bizarre ideas" although many projects in here do fit that moniker).  

Page 113 is entitled "These are Special Games: They are Quick to Make."  Is it the quickness that makes them special?  I don't know.  Please note, Rudolph has a beard, or a very hairy chest--I'm not sure which.

Materials Needed:
  • Box (I used a large Kleenex box)
  • Paint
  • Candy
  • Felt--brown, beige, red, black and white
  • Pipe Cleaners--red, white, and brown
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Googly eyes
  • Miniatures for "set" decoration
  • Your trusty glue gun

Step 1:  My grand theater started life as a humble Kleenex box.  I've been sick recently, so I had several empty ones around.  I used the top of the box as my stage opening.  I used the hole that was already there and enlarged it slightly.  Now, the top is the side with the stage.  
The hole from the Kleenex box is enlarged to become the stage.
Step 2:  On the top of the theater, you'll need to cut out a long, thin rectangle in order to insert the puppets.  I did not cut mine very straight.  I drink heavily which causing wavy lines.  At least, that's one explanation.

Step 3:  Paint the box.  I used spray paint, but you could use any old paint.  You could decoupage it, too.  Decoupage would be awesome on this.

Step 4:  When the paint is dry, you'll want to line the box with felt.  I used white because I wanted it to look snowy.  There's no real need to cover the "ceiling" of the box because it isn't visible from the outside.  I glued in the felt.
The interior has been lined with white felt.
Step 5:  Now, it's time to get out the candy and start gluing it on to decorate the stage.  You might want to sample the candy to make sure it's of the utmost quality.
Step 6: I decorated my scene with some plastic trees, a small plastic snowman, and a miniature penguin. I glued everything in place with a healthy glob of hot glue.

Step 7:  Make your puppets.  I've attached my template below.  I glued the felt pieces together and glued on pipe cleaners for the antlers, legs and arms.  Add some googly eyes and a red sequin for Rudolph's nose. 
My puppets (unfortunately, the camera flash really highlights those stringy glue bits.
Step 7:  Glue the felt characters onto popsicle sticks.  Make sure you leave a long enough "handle" so you can maneuver the puppets when you insert them in the slot.
Gluing on the popsicle sticks.
Step 8:  Channel your inner Al Pacino and put on a show!

Cost:  I'm sure that anyone reading this blog has everything they need to make this project.  In other words, it costs nothing! Absolutely free!
Time to Complete:  1-2 hours
Skill Level:  This project requires "method" crafting.  You need to feel the project, more than you need actual skill.
I hope you enjoyed this special video edition of the Virtual Advent Calendar.  I'll see you tomorrow for day 11!

North Pole Puppet Theater Templates
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