Wednesday, December 22, 2010

VAC Day 22 and Challenge 10 Submission: Candy Cane Junction "Jeweled" Tree Skirt

3 Days Left Until Christmas!
Candy Cane Junction Jeweled Christmas Tree Skirt
Sarah and I found out recently that we have a shared love of vintage felt and sequin Christmas decorations.  I've made a few vintage kits over the years, and have collected a few vintage pieces that I've found in thrift stores.  It cracks me up that the older kits are called "jeweled."  Somehow, I don't think of sequins as "jewels," even if they are shiny. 
Here's a view of the entire tree skirt

When the felt challenge was proposed, I decided I would just design my own felt and sequin project!  Sara's oldest daughter is obsessed by trains.  That's what inspired me to make what I call the Candy Cane Junction tree skirt. 
Like every train, the caboose brings up the rear
I don't have a very good drawing program on my computer so I used Power Point to create my templates.  It's actually a decent and user-friendly substitute drawing program! Give it a shot sometime.
Here's the Candy Cane Junction Depot

This project took a couple weeks to finish.  I completed one train car per evening, and it took a couple of evenings to complete the depot and trees.  Once all the pieces were made, it one took two nights to sew everything to the tree skirt.  This includes frequent and lengthy interruptions from my beagle Copper, who would have preferred to be on my lap in place of the sewing.
These trees are swaying in the wind (or I was well into the spiked eggnog when I sewed them down)
Since I began the virtual advent calendar, I've been using non-traditional Christmas colors.  I wanted to continue that with this tree skirt which is why there are lots of bright pinks, greens and blues.  I used sequin colors to complement this color scheme.  Finally, I used snowflake sequins to give a little sparkle throughout, and a bright red pompom trim around the bottom. I didn't cut a slit in the skirt because I think it might be used on a table this year.  I can always add that later if it's needed.
A couple of snow people catch a ride in the wreath car
I wanted to share some of my other felt and sequin projects with you.  This tree skirt was made for my friend Jan.  She bought the vintage kit at a thrift store for $1.  She kept saying that she was "getting in the mood to make it."  She said this for nearly two years.  I finally suggested that maybe I should make it for her as her birthday gift.  We were both very happy with that arrangement.
Jan's Christmas tree skirt.
Detail of the insanely cute snowmen.
I recently wrote about the tree skirt I made for my friend Joe.  You can find that post here.  Here's another photo of the tree skirt under Joe's awesome EverGleam Christmas tree.
Joe's jeweled Santa tree skirt.
I've featured a few of my thrift store finds in some of my virtual advent calendar post.  You can see my awesome $5 tree skirt here, and my two Santa Christmas card holders here.

Finally, my friend Sue sent me a photo of her childhood stocking (which is still her stocking now).  Her grandma Hazel made it for her in 1966.  How cute is that?

My friend Sue's Christmas stocking.
Now that you've had a look, make sure you cast your vote for your favorite Challenge 10 project!

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Sara from Sara vs. Sarah said... with this tree skirt. It turned out AMAZING sarah! Like so cute I cannot even believe it. You need to toot your own horn more and brag about making all these shapes on your own! This is my favorite virtual advent calendar day by far (and that's big because I really like the village and fancy trees & that glitter deer). awesome work!!!

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