Friday, January 7, 2011

Co-Workers Gifts - For Real

I know, I know ... during our challenge, I said I was going to make oilcloth bags filled with peppermint bark for my co-workers. That proved a little ambitious ... AND, I think that it's very likely that they had their fill of peppermint & chocolate from me. Here's what happened ... First, I brought into the office the leftovers from the first (and only) batch of peppermint bark. Then, I brought in some of Sarah's birthday cake (again, chocolate and peppermint). And if that wasn't enough, then our office decided to throw a dessert party! You guessed it ... I made another chocolate & peppermint cake! It is a fabulous cake that is really to die for (Martha Stewart recipe). So, I am a. SELF. PROFESSED. CHOCOLATE - PEPPERMINT - AHOLIC. Back to the gifts ...
I decided to forego anymore sweets and apprently the Christmas deadline and make my lovely co-workers some of these for New Years's ... 

Each lady got a stack of 4 oilcloth & felt coasters with some stationary. All of it wrapped up in a brown lunch bag & tied with string! Easy and cute... So Happy New Year to my Co-Workers and all of you too!

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