Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday Gift - Another Camera Strap

What feels like "way back when" for Challenge No. 2, Sarah and I took on "Digital Accessories" ... Sarah won the challenge with her awesome iPad Cover & Tutorial. I selfishly chose Camera Strap Covers during the Challenge because I really wanted one for myself (the top one on the camera is mine)! There are so many cute camera covers out there, but I was pretty set on one with an "inset" ruffle (I have no idea if there is a real term for this, but basically ... and gathered strip in a coordinating color that is ruffled but sewn into the strap; make sense?).

Anyway, the camera straps were not a winner here on the blog, but my good friend Jaclyn was a big fan. So, ever since ... hmmm, September I guess it was, she has been requesting begging / pleading for a camera strap in her "signature colors." If you know her, you would know in an instant that I am speaking of black & white damask with hot pink.

Sidebar: Jaclyn attended our Halloween Crafting Cocktail Party and was awarded the prize for the most unique polymer clay ornament for her use of black / white / hot pink to make a stars & stripes ornament. Really black / white / hot pink is her thang.  

End of story - I finally got around to making her camera strap for her b'day! She was thrilled to give her camera a little pizazz! And as every crafter is, I was thrilled that she loved it! Happy birthday Jaclyn - glad you love your prezzie!

close - up
i love this "inset" ruffle thing!

There are tons of camera strap tutorials out there (just Google it) but if there's any real interest for this style, let me know and I'll work up a tutorial! :-) This works on a Canon and Nikon SLR.

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Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

Im going to have to start begging for mine lol but I suppose I have some more editing to do lol!! By the way when is the next cocktail party so I can save the date!!!!!

Sara from Sara vs. Sarah said...

Shannon - LOL! Actually I didn't have plain red (weird, I know!) but I bought some called "lipstick red" last weekend so I can make yours now! ... Cocktail party - we are not sure yet but we are thinking sometime in the spring; I'll def let you know!!! :-)

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