Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun Stuff from the Thrift Stores!

 No doubt about it, I find the best stuff at thrift stores.  I have got some serious thrift store mojo.

Last night, I hit a couple Goodwills in search of a supply I'm going to need for one of our upcoming challenges.  I found it, and all this other fabulous stuff!

There is no publishing date on this wonderful pamphlet from Spinning Wheel Needlework called "Stoles and Shrugs."  My guess is that it's from the 1950's.  I find vintage knitting books quite often, but vintage crochet pamphlets seem to be more rare in these parts.
Speaking of vintage crochet, I found this treasure from Coats & Clark called "Quick Tricks to Crochet."  How fab is the title font?  I would have bought this for the font alone!  This was published in 1956 and is chock full of fun stuff.  I've scanned all the full color photos for you.

This is the cover, of course.  Who doesn't need a coke bottle cozy with built in straw holder?
The beads in the necklace are wood covered with a metallic yarn crocheted over them.  I'll have to give them a try!  I almost want to take up smoking so I can crochet myself a cigarette box cover.  But the true treasure on this page in the bag on the lower left.  Awesome!
I know a ton of people who would go nuts for the kitty potholder and napkin holder. The "Handy Andy" oven mitt is a little scary to me.
These chignon covers make me want to grow my hair out so I can have a bun.  Elegant!
Those flip-flops are cute, but I think I would skip the panty hose if I was wearing them.  I really like the green pair at the top.
Here's the back cover.  The red chignon cover has rick-rack trim. 

This mug is creepy and awesome at the same time!  The chef with the Hitler mustache is far from adorable, but the truly amazing thing with this mug is that the eyes move!
How cute are these souvenir hankies from Nara, Japan?  I can't decide if they are modern or vintage, but I do know that the deer on the top hankie are about the cutest things ever.

Last, but not least, is this treasure(?)!  I just can't help myself.  When I see something this creepy and weird, I have to buy it.  This is a Lefton Billiken bank.  The sticker on the back says the Billiken will bring you luck.  It might, but it will give you the heebie-jeebies, as well!

I found something else weird and creepy at Goodwill last night.  I was going through the sewing patterns when I came across a Ziploc bag that said "Stuart's Tooth" on it.  Sure enough, there was a tooth inside.  Ew!

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Terry said...

Thanks for the laugh Sarah, you always come thru in that dept.! a tooth EW !!!!

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