Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scrabble Accessories

My friend Paula came to visit me last fall.  Paula is one of my Scrabble playing buddies.  She mentioned that she thought it would be cool to have Scrabble tile earrings.  We then had a long conversation about which letter combination would be best.

Since I had my Dremel drill out because of the Valentine's challenge, I decided I should whip up some earrings for Paula just in time for her birthday.  I used many of the letters we discussed:
  • D & M - the initials of Paula's kids
  • PE - Paula's initials
  • HI - a friendly Scrabble greeting
  • J - Paula's husband's initial
  • A blank - because a Scrabble player always want a blank in their arsenal
  • FU - for when you need to send a subtle message to someone low on your list
If you have a Dremel drill,  a needle-nosed pliers, some jump rings and some fish hook wires, you can make a pair of earrings out of almost anything.  

Here's another Scrabble accessory I made some time ago.  It's a handcrafted Scrabble score pad!  For the cover, I used an old Scrabble board.  I made the score pad template in Excel, printed out a bunch of copies and bound it all together using my Zutter binder.  I love that each page has the two-letter word list on it.  How handy is that?

You can pick up old Scrabble games at thrift stores for a couple of bucks.  I have to say, there is nothing handier than a Scrabble tile for so many crafty projects.  Also, old Scrabble boards are made of a solid piece of chip board so they are great for book or box making.  Next time you're at Goodwill, make sure you walk down the game aisle!

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