Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tomato Cats Fringed Pillow - Tammis Keefe Project No. 7

When Sarah came over the other night, we were brainstorming about other Tammis Projects. I had asked Sarah to bring over some black "trims" (there is a picture below of ALL the stuff she brought!). We got to thinking about what would be a good combo and came up with a black fringed Tammis Cats pillow!

This is an envelope back style pillow and the fringe is sewed onto the completed pillow cover on the RIGHT SIDE (instead of between the two layers - front & back).

The pillow is adorable, but admittedly not perfect (and that is bothering me, so I'm trying to figure out how I can fix it - pics below).

In typical fashion, I wanted to accent some of the cats, so I added a few beads and sequins here and there.

^^ I love his collar! ^^

Little necklace & beaded nose.

It's a good thing I took pictures right away. After being awake less than 5 minutes, my two-year old ripped off 2 beads. Grrr.

This is what Sarah brought when I asked for black trim! Wow!

Pictures of the work in progress ... the embroidery hoop was helpful for sewing onto this large cut.

Envelope back style ...

Zig zagged edges. I really want need a serger! Christmas perhaps?

All the fringe pinned down and getting ready to battle the sewing machine.

The fringe folks try to make it nicer for you by adding this white double layer thing at the bottom end of the fringe. It's supposed to make it easier to sew by keeping the fringe out of the way. I still had problems.

I pinned it all in place (the corners were tricky for me) and headed to my sewing machine. I made 2 goofs:

First, I should have kept red thread in the bobbin since I was sewing onto the right sides. Second, I should have just used my walking foot to start with. I changed to it after trying to round one corner and that helped, but it was still hard.

The finished fringe looks really good from the front. Pretty straight and a great accent to this cute fabric.

However, here is my issue with the back:

The are two spots that are problematic. Does it matter? It's not meant to be a reversible pillow so maybe it doesn't matter. But, I know it's there and it's making me a little crazy. I'm thinking about hand stitching some of Sarah's black rick rack over the whole back to cover the stitching (and goof ups).  

From the front, however, I love this pillow and think that it looks great! Just needs to stay away from toddlers & not be turned over.

Two more projects to be posted and the giveaway starts on Wednesday; stay tuned!

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Sarah Andreacchio said...

Hi Sarah !!!
Thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog !!! ( i answered you )
I choose to write to you here because we have a common point : Tammis Keefe !!! I just bought a beautiful silk scarf with this pattern with cats !!! I'm glad to see that other people like her wonderful work !!! Congratulations for your work, you're very creative and your blog is really cool !!! =)
See you !!! =)

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