Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aprons! Tammis Keefe Project No. 6 ... A Joint Project

It may be that the purpose of our little blog is to have "friendly" competitions against each other - every other week, you know trying to figure out which of us has the best spin on a challenge (examples of past challenges are: valentine's, felt, knitting for little girls, and the like). However, ...

We really like to craft together ... and eat together, and drink wine together. So, here's presenting our joint project: Tammis Keefe Aprons!

A couple of weeks ago, we took a trip to our favorite local fabric store together to pick up some coordinating fabrics for the Tammis Keefe pieces. This particular store has this awesome policy to give you 20% off an entire order during your birthday month. Score! Since I was getting 20% off, I decided to pick up an official pattern for aprons. I choose "Mother & Daughter Aprons" by Cindy Taylor Oates (TMB-172). It was pretty easy for Sarah and I to choose which one we each wanted to make (the pattern has 4 adult patterns and 4 child patterns).

Sarah liked the halter, and I liked the tiered ruffles. Are we getting predictable yet?

Sarah worked with the RED HOOT from the Tammis Keefe tribute line by Michael Miller. She used coordinating pieces mentioned in this post too. Don't you LOVE those pockets? I love how Sarah put white bias on the edging (she's always improving patterns like that!).

Sarah's halter was super cute. Another change she made to the pattern was to simply use nylon webbing (instead of making a fabric tie). Brilliant!

We've noticed a pattern about ourselves - Sarah sends me links to recipes, and I cannot help by make them. Enter the "faux thin mint" ... seriously, it tastes like a girl scout thin mint! I had some ready when she got here.

Don't even need a "recipe" here ... melt chocolate in double boiler and add 2-3 drops of peppermint extract. Dip Ritz crackers into the chocolate and set aside on wax paper to cool. Stick them in the fridge to harden. You won't even believe it - these taste just like the GS kind!

Other option - I used a bag of "dark chocolate & mint" chocolate chips that I had on hand (instead of melting plain chocolate and adding the extract). This is the same thing that I did when I made the Better than Andes Bars.

They were good & they are all gone.

My "fake" double boiler!

My apron features the Later Alligator print from Tammis Keefe. I REALLY love this one (I think it ties w/ "unruly reindeer" one). It screams me with all its pink & green! The pattern I worked with had the option of adding a tulle ruffle at the bottom - who could opt not? Well not me! I got really lucky here because I did not have to actually cut any tulle - because in my opinion, tulle is a serious pain in the you know what to cut (to cut it straight at least).

My cousin recently sent the girls a present wrapped in a huge tulle bow. Since I cannot throw stuff again until I decide whether it's refashionable ... I kept it. What do you know ... the tulle MATCHED and was JUST the right size for the tulle ruffle! Yippee!

I like that the tulle is doubled and that the "looped" end is what you see, while the 2 raw edges are sewn onto the apron skirt.

I did not have 2 matching buttons, so there's a little added personality here!

Cheers! to our readers & to Michael Miller for providing these fun fabrics!

Stay tuned; we've got three more days of unique projects featuring the Tammis Keefe tribute line. And our giveaway starts next week!

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