Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Socks Education - "Student" Input

Years ago, I decided I wanted to learn to knit socks ... somewhere along the way I lost my way!

I did everything I should: bought a book, bought DPNs in every imaginable size, bought sock yarn, and... I even knit a "test sock"! I do not know what derailed me, but for whatever reason, I didn't make it. Maybe that was when I got pregnant and I could not bring myself to do anything other than lay around and eat McDonald's & Eggo Waffles. Whatever the case, I quit.

My sock yarn with the beginning of an abandoned sock

this is how far i got :(

i ripped it all out, because I'm starting over with Sarah's Socks Education!

my "test" sock from years ago

However! Now, I have "lessons" and "homework" and a mission to complete! I am following Sarah's Socks Education! In her third post, she explains how to cast on, knit the cuff and the leg.

So, this weekend I painstakingly knit a gauge swatch (I really do ALWAYS want to skip that step) and then happily cast on- I like to get right into the project! Now, I am about 3 inches into my sock and SO FAR SO GOOD! I am keeping my "design" simple - stockinette stitch with multi-colored yarn (i.e., NOT knitting stripes).

Sarah's instructions are spot on ... here's my two cents for anyone else who may be knitting along. After you've cast on and before you join to knit in the round, Needle #3 is one with yarn still attached to the ball of yarn. Common sense, I know; but, the whole beginning vs. end thing confuses me everytime!

Also, I wear shoe size 6 or 6.5 ...and here are my measurements:
  • Circumference = 7.5 inches (so I cast on 60 st);
  • Length of Foot = 9 inches (apparently I have some long toes); and
  • To get a 8 stitch / inch gauge, I had to bump my needle size up to Size 3.
I will post again with progress pictures by Friday, and will anxiously be awaiting Post 4 of Socks Education! If you run into questions - let us know! :) 

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