Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tammis Keefe Challenge - Winning Projects!

Well our fabulously fun Tammis Keefe Tribute & Challenge is coming to a close! Voting ended last night and based on your record number of votes, the winning project is .....

The Tea Towels! With 17% of the vote, the Tea Towels were the big winner! If you didn't read the original post, make sure you do - Sarah has a great trick for sewing Rick Rack in a perfectly straight line.

Two projects tied for Second & Third place with 13% of the voting... The Beaded Birds for Beverages and our Aprons!

Wow! The voting for this challenge was amazing and we thank you all for playing along with us. We also thank Michael Miller Fabrics for kindly providing the supplies for us to make this whole challenge possible. Of course, we're talking about the Tammis Keefe Tribute line of fabrics! Here's the link to the fabrics and we talk more about all of it here and here!

What's next on Sara vs. Sarah? Our first order of business is determining the winners of the big giveaway! Check back here - the winners will be posted on Friday! (Note - if you entered, please make sure to check back here...we had a lot of entries without email addresses & many are not public on Blogger profiles, so we may not have anyway to get ahold of you!)

Also, we've got our Socks Education going on this month - Sarah is providing a super cool fillable instruction sheet in order to Build Your Own Pattern for knitted socks. If you can knit, you can do this! Since Sara hasn't knitted socks before, she is knitting along each step of the way.

And ... our bi-weekly challenges will resume tomorrow! Tomorrow we'll announce our next challenge and as usual, our projects are due the following Wednesday. Woo hoo!

THANKS all for voting & playing and WINNERS will be annouced Friday! See you then ...

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TeardropHankys said...

I love those Tammis T towels S&S...and will be checking out how to sew that straight rick rac line !

Terry said...

You guys are just so cute, It sure was a neat thing for Michael Miller to send you the fabric and then you guys turned it into something so fun, good job!

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