Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scrapbuster No. 31: Fabric Covered Magnets

Fabric covered magnets.
Some time ago, I saw these adorable fabric covered thumbtacks on How About Orange.  I wanted to make them, but I have no need for thumbtacks at my house.  It took me until yesterday morning to figure out that I should make magnets instead.  Duh!!  Once upon a time, my mind was sharp as a fabric covered thumbtack.  Apparently, those days are behind me.
Here are the magnets on my vintage Child Guidance magnet board.
The only difference between the How About Orange tute and what I did is that instead of gluing in thumbtacks, I glued in a magnets.  I used Loctite gel multi-surface glue which, in my opinion, is good stuff.  It’s easy to control and sets up fairly quick.
I used a variety of bright colors.  Why?  Those scraps were on top.
I consider myself quite the connoisseur of adhesives.  I have a cupboard full of them and try to use the right glue for the right purpose.  I actually get excited about adhesives.  Good lord, I’m a geek.  But, I’m a geek with some cute fabric magnets.
My adhesive collection.
By the way, how cute is my vintage Child Guidance magnet board?  It lives above my ironing board in my sewing room.  Here's a close up of the adorable graphic.
Cute, cute, cute...
Tomorrow we'll post our Easter challenge submissions then come back on Thursday for a roundup of all our Scrapbusters!

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Sara vs. Sarah said...

Ok, again! I love these and definitely want to make some too. They turned out great ...and love the magnet board too :-)

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