Monday, March 28, 2011

Scrapbuster No. 30: Scrappy Sleepover Pillow

This weekend was awesome! My husband took our oldest daughter camping with another dad / daughter duo, and I got to stay home with my littlest one, Isabelle! I thorougly enjoyed having an ENTIRE weekend to simply hang with Izzie. You better believe I spoiled her as rotten as I could all weekend. In turn, she spoiled me by sleeping until 9:20 am on Saturday. Hooty hoo!
we had to wear dresses (she insisted) to "fancy breakfast" at a friend's house - beautiful beautiful Arizona weather!

Anyway ... as a part of Scrapbuster Month, I knew I wanted to make a pillow, I just didn't know how exactly.  Also, my children have a teensy bit of a hoarding tendency (and have recently been caught "hiding" (other people's) things in small places to avoid detection ...yeah no bueno).

SO ... when I saw this Sleepover Pillowcase Tutorial over at A Lemon squeezy Home, I felt I found the perfect project to suit both needs (scrapbuster & pillow & hoarding).
scraps pieced together to make a band

I have 2 daughters, so I have to make 2 of everything. I decided to make Izzie's first because we spent the weekend together. She helped tremendously by wearing the measuring tape and slinging scraps here and there.

Obviously, I need to make another one. Fast.

Why is this a scrapbuster? Check this picture ...

Do you see it?

This pillow is made from the leftovers from making her padded paper mache letters for her name (this was my submission to our first Challenge here on the blog; and there is a detailed tutorial on how to do this). I bought a 1/4 yard of each fabric to make her name and was able to piece the leftover fabric together to make this Sleepover Pillowcase.  I have been saving these scraps just waiting for something "special" to make.

After I made her name, I found the pink / green / yellow / white one on the 50% off table (so I bought some of that way back when); and that's how I had enough to make the pillowcase.
that's a zipper on the front there ... perfect for hiding all the special things that must go on a sleepver!
I really like how this turned out and it adds such a happy pop to her crib / toddler bed. I hope she likes using it for her next sleepover; I also hope that "night night," piggy & pillow pet all fit in there because they all go wherever she goes!
the direction of the main fabric (pink / white / green /yellow) is not consistent - not intentional, but like that it turned out that way

these three vertical stripes were the biggest scrap pieces I had; this is the "back"

Next sleepover? Coming up soon because Sarah and I are headed to Creative Estates and I'm pretty sure the girlies are staying at a friends! I cannot wait to meet other local crafters; the whole weekend sounds like it'll be great! ;-)

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Sara vs. Sarah said...

Sara, this turned out super cute. You are getting really good at sewing.

Sara vs. Sarah said...

the ultimate compliment-thanks sarah!

Sky @ Capital B said...

LOVE this pillowcase! You are stinkin' creative! Awesome fabrics- my stepsons and my little guys would really enjoy these! Thanks for sharing, as always :)

Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

Hey, that turned out great! thanks so much for sharing with me!

Becca said...

what a fun and inspiring blog!


Terry said...

Sara what a great idea for the scraps and the zipper pocket! Yea for something new!

Sara vs. Sarah said...

thanks everyone! This was a fun project ... and it seems I need to get cracking on sleepover pillow #2! (some little person is demanding it)

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