Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scrapbuster No. 16: Shamrock Scraps

Wow...this whole project e/o day is interesting ... And ... what is it about being a mom and thinking you need to decorate for every "holiday"? I'm not complaining ... I'm embracing. Just find it funny that 3 years ago, it would never have occurred to me to make a shamrock garland and plan a green meal (that is one is not centered around green beer or irish car bombs -ummm, yum).

Anyway ... as I was struggling to come up with thinking about more scrappy ideas, I thought a ha ... St. Patty's Day themed something. I have a weakness for garlands and buntings so it was a given, I'd give into making a green one for 3/17.

I ransacked the stash for some coordinating greens, Timtex, and scrap string. About an hour later, I came away with this .. and there is NO SEWING involved!

the shamrocks spruce up this corner a little ...

This little ditty is reversible ...the Timtex I had is fusible on both sides (is all Timtex that way? I don't know...) so I went ahead and covered both sides of the shamrocks with fabrics . I used my exacto blade to make two vertical slits in the top of each shamrock and "threaded" with w/ some scrap string (I think this is something that some gifted PJs were wrapped in).

the "back" ... see more of the string

the "front" ... see less sting (please excuse my air vent that is creeping into the pic)

I've moved this garland 3 times (mantle, doorway, and now above a window). The doorway would be cool b/c you could see both sides, but I think it's gonna hang out above the window for the next couple days.

I like how it turned out; I've got my issues with Timtex (that's another post) but as far as NO SEW projects go ...it's pretty cool!

you can see here the "depth" that Timtex adds .. .these shamrocks  are thick!
 Happy St. Patrick's Day ... we'll be heading to the Shalimar for our annual 3/17 meal and some very entertaining karaoke w/ the fam. Cannot wait!
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Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

This is adorable! I love the different fabrics you used. Great scrapbuster project. I agree on the decorating for every holiday things... My daughter asked why we didn't have any President's Day decorations up last month:)

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