Monday, March 14, 2011

Scrapbuster No. 15: Appetizer Picks with Tutorial

It's back to the bead stash for me!  I had this idea while at the party store.  I saw some picks there that were, basically, beads glued to toothpicks.   I thought, "Hey!  What a great way to clean out the bead stash!"
Make your next hors d'oevres tray even more fun with these colorful picks.
Needless to say, this is so easy a kindergarten kid could do it.  All you need are toothpicks, some large beads (I used wood beads), and a non-toxic, clear drying glue.

You start by sticking the top of your toothpick in the glue.

Next, slide your beads on top of the gluey end of the toothpick.  If you are using several beads, you may need to reapply glue after adding each bead.
Reapply glue if needed.
All done.
Finally, wipe off any excess glue and stick the pick in a piece of styrofoam to let it dry.
Come back tomorrow to see Sara's next Scrabuster!

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Terry said...

Darling! Will we see those out at the next cocktail party?

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