Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scrapbuster No. 26: Who says BOWTIES are for boys?

love a girl's profile! (don't say a word about that bottle - i know, and i've decided not to care! ;-)

As I was perusing through my Google Reader the other day, I noticed that LuvintheMommyhood recently posted another fun Comfy Knits vs. Sew roundup on her blog. Since I love to both knit and sew, I  hoped over to check it out. It was there that I saw an adorable picture & link to the cutest bowtie ever - and it was KNITTED! It is called "easiest bowtie ever" and you can find the pattern on Ravelry (which is free to sign up if you haven't already; it's a website full of good stuff for knitters & crocheters).

I was planning to make a bowtie from a upcycled skirt for scrapbuster month, but when I saw the knitted one - I just knew I had to make it.  I used leftover hot pink yarn from my knitted old school christmas tree lights garland - my submission for our Christmas Decor Challenge, and some size 4 knitting needles.

that hair pin is just slipped through the loop (not permanently attached)

I've had a sick child this week, so the well child and I were camping out in my room across the house trying to be quiet. We do this by turning on Handy Manny in case you're wondering. Since I can only handle about 5 minutes of Manny, Kelly, Pat, Turner, Flicker and crew ... I seized an opportunity to KNIT! I grabbed my stuff real quick and got to working! (Of course, as soon as Miss Priss saw me knitting, she insisted I get 'her lellow' yarn so she could 'yarn' with me - ha ha!).

About three episodes of Handy Manny later, wa-lah! Hot pink knitted bowtie ... love!

As pictured here ... I'm going to use this as a hairbow! Of course, I could attach as a traditional bowtie, but my model is CRAZY ticklish and won't let me ANYWHERE near her neck to try it on!

Speaking of model difficulty ... I have another bowtie (the one made from an upcycled skirt) completely finished and ready to photograph, but no participatory models. :( I tied it on a baby doll just for fun, but it is so creepy looking on her that I refuse to post. I'll just have to use some good old bribery on my models and see if I can get a picture!

she must wear the piggy shirt

sara sig Pin It


Leslie Armstong Mills said...

Sara (and Sarah too really)~
How I wish you lived closer to me! I would totally hire you to make cute "wearables" for both my kiddos and cute "practicals" to organize my messes!
Lord knows I need some help :-)

luvinthemommyhood said...

Awwww...turned out fabulous! I'm so glad you liked the roundup! You'll be wanting to check out the blog next week when I post about my big announcement!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the comment hun!

Anonymous said...

That is super cute! A bow tie is truly for everyone. I am glad you liked it.

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