Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scrapbuster No. 28: Recapping Applique Projects

For today's scrapbuster, I decided to share photos of some past applique projects. Adding applique to clothes is an EXCELLENT way to use up scraps. It takes so little to spruce up a plain white onesie or tees... these personalized items are always a hit at baby showers!

I love using two fabrics ...

I use sewable fusible interfacing for all of these because I either Hand or Machine sew the edges to secure it and for decoration. The no sew type will wreck your fingers if you try to push a sewing needle through .. or gum up your sewing machine. :-) Earlier in Scarpbuster Month, I posted about how to applique with no sew interfacing and provided a little tutorial (you can find the no sew bunting tutorial here) ... doing these projects is just the same with two exceptions:

1. use Sewable interfacing
2. embroidery or machine stitch around the edges!

The possibitilies are endless!

Again, use those scraps to make matching gift cards!

These lil & big sets are always a hit!

This was my little one's first birthday outfit ... made her the skirt and used the coordinating scraps to make a cute tank with her initial.

Little birdie w/ a touch of embroidery.

My favorite little birdies one ever made - these were for twin girls!

Standing joke behind the pig. A friend commissioned me to make this for another friend whose nickname includes the words piggy and fatty fat fat! Lol.

Sibling set ... there was a big sis getting TWO little sissies!

One of my faves ... little snowman with a knitted scarf!  

Oh my model was to teeny back then!

The big & lil combo I made for my girls. They were quite the sight in these!

It's been quite a while since I made any appliques but with a new round of babies coming (I talked about that here) perhaps now is the time!

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