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Scrapbuster No. 6: Diaper Pouches / Gifts for New Moms

So I know some girls, 3 to be exact, who are expecting their first babies. How exciting! Two of those girls would at this point in my life qualify as "old school friends" because we go way back, as in  7th grade for one and 9th grade for another. The 3rd is a fave friend from college! When I think about this whole wonderful bunch of HS / college friends, the fun memories are seriously out of control - from busting a move, to raiding Bacardi and road trips... fun fun stuff. These ladies are all still in the South and I miss them mucho, but weddings / baby showers / crazy fun girls weekends bring us together as much as possible.

these are size 4 diapers (b/c that's what my lady uses these days) and two fit with room to spare ... for the gifts, I'll pick up some NB or Size 1s ... I'm thinking 3 or 4 would fit.

Anyway .. of my friends - I got married first, and had the first babies. So, it's kind of easy & super fun for me to give away things that I would have loved. Enter - these insanely cute diaper pouches. They are handmade - FROM SCRAPS - and hold a pack of wipes, a couple diapers and definitely have room for those awesome throwaway diaper changing pad things (hmmm, I need to pick up some of those to throw in here).

I've got 2 down and 1 to go ... The pink & green one is for a girl who loves pink & green about as much as me! (You know who you are!) Who can resist stripes AND polka dots?

The black / white / yellow / orange one is for a friend who's thinking about NOT FINDING OUT! Can you even imagine? As one who plans my socks and pencils everything into a paper calendar, I can.not! However, I applaud those brave ones who are thrilled to be surprised! I think this color combo is cute for any mom and whether she has a boy or girl, this'll work. 

I need to crank out the 3rd but it''s still too early to go pink or blue.

How did I make them?
  • Used this great / well written / easy to follow tutorial from Noodlehead! A very fun blog with LOTS of clean / modern looking tutorials with excellent instructions & plenty of pictures to explain what you're doing.
  • What did I use? Linen scraps - I *really* love sewing with linen - it looks really good, it sews easy and I usually have scraps laying around here. Note, don't EVER throw away linen clothes again - you can make TONS of stuff from those old clothes! (I am now the lucky recipient of some friends' throwaway / donate piles - imagine I get to pick through it first for sewable or refashioning scraps! Hooty hoo!)
  • Also fabric scraps. With this tutorial, you can piece the fabric parts together however YOU want ... I didn't use the exact measurements of the tutorial for the individual fabric pieces (because I wanted to use up some of my cute scraps) BUT .. you just make sure that the end measure of pieced fabric section = the tutorial (and that the pieced fabric + linen = final measurement).
  • I too used the cotton webbing; love this stuff. Loooks neat, doesn't fray and the natural color goes well w/ the linen.
  • Fusible Fleece. I ALWAYS have this on-hand (have you noticed it's in a ton of stuff I make - ex: camera straps, table runners, etc). I keep packages of big cuts ready ... but I always keep all my fusible fleece scraps. No need to ever throw them out ... since you FUSE it to your fabric, it doesn't matter if you have 10 pieces ironed together or 1 big one. No telling how many pieces are in these little pouches, but there is a big dent in my fusible fleece scrap pile.

B/W one ... didn't have enough yellow scraps to make the front & back the same ... enter orange with white dots! Just raid your scrap pile for something that coordinates and piece it together!

Baby showers? I'm getting ready. I just need dates on the calendar and a couple free airline tix to pop back to the South for a bit!

oh - here are my scraps getting lined up for sewing action

i think this turquoise / brown combo would be really cute!

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Jessica Chism said...

Ahhhh!!! I love it!! I am seriously hoping that I am the lucky recipient of the pink and green one... :)

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