Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Challenge No. 18 Submission - Ribbon Flowers

For our 18th Challenge, I present the Ribbon Flower Bouquet! Each flower is made from grosgain ribbon, florist tape & cloth stem wire - easy peasy.

I adore these little vases (or anything on the tiny side, really). A good friend gave them to me a couple of years ago for my b'day and I managed to keep "real" flowers living in them for a while, but eventually they died. Given the fact that the flowers I couldn't keep alive were pathos (which allegedly anyone can grow), I am opting for "fake" flowers that may last a little longer.

How did I come up with ribbon flowers for this? I'll tell you. I work in a law firm - a place you may not normally think of as particularly crafty. BUT - ours is different! I've roped one co-workers into taking my quilting class with me, one avidly follows the blog & offers her idea for projects, and our newest addition is a SUPER crafty lady! We are having quite the hard time in getting any work done these days.

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so if anyone has tips for getting rid of those "stains" inside the vases, I am all ears!

The new girl's mother published a book years ago (it's called Collectable Dolls by Anne Dougal) - she made these little dolls that were wildly successful. Part of the doll making book is about accessories for dolls - including ribbon flowers! When I was mentioning this challenge, she brought a copy of her mother's book in for me, AND her entire box of ribbon!

i love a girl who labels things ... :)

Woo-hoo! During tonight's episode of The Good Wife (oh my goodness Alicia going to find out?!?!) I whipped up a handful of these flowers. I like them ... if you do vote, give them a VOTE! :)

where they sit ...our board that holds cards / announcements and such ...
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jana said...

Try white vinegar and baking soda on those stains...

luluvision said...

I've been wanting to try ribbon flowers! I say, don't try to get the stains out, cover them up! Have you tried alcohol inks?

Sara vs. Sarah said...

jana - thanks! i'll give that a try! :)

Sara vs. Sarah said...

lulu vision ... i've never tried alcohol inks before(and actually gonna have to google that! is it just another ink like for stamping?). Anyway - thanks for the idea! :)

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