Monday, April 11, 2011

Resin Casting Project and Giveaway #2: Marbleized Resin Bracelet Tutorial

da-da-da-da-DA-DAAAA!   The winner of the first resin casting gift set compliments of ETI is first time visitor LrSchwtz!  Congratulations on winning this $75ish prize.  We'll be in touch via email.

I know you are disappointed you didn't win, but fear not, dear reader.  You have another chance this week then another chance next week!  To enter this week, click over to the ETI's website, take a look at all the fun stuff you can use along with Easy Cast Resin, then come back and leave a comment letting us know what accoutrement you would like to try.  Be sure to include a way to contact you when you comment!

Now, on to the tutorial. 
Marbleized Earring and Bracelet Set
We are going to be using Castin' Craft Resin Dye to make the marbleized bracelet and earrings pictured above.  That's right, there is no need to have your resin be clear!  You can have it be any color you want!  I love resin, don't you?
Extreme close-up

Supplies Needed:
  • Silicone baking sheet
  • Plastic cups for mixing
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy Resin
  • Castin' Craft Resin Dyes
  • Oval paper punch
  • 1/8th inch circle punch
  • Eyelets
  • Eyelet setter
  • Jump rings, clasp, fish hook wires
My silicone baking sheet has never been used for baking.


Step 1.  We are going to start by mixing our resin.  You can find thorough instructions for mixing resin in the resin primer found here and the first post on making a resin cast fabric pendant found here.  You don't need a lot, maybe about 3-4 tablespoons.

Step 2:  We are going to use three colors so we need to divide the resin into 3 cups.

Step 3:  Add dye to cup number one.  You don't need much dye...  1-2 drops will be enough.  If you put too much in, your casting may come out too soft so keep the colorant to a minimum.  After adding the dye, mix it in thorough.  Repeat this process with the other 3 cups.
One little drop of dye is all you need.
Step 4:  Pour the contents of each cup onto the silicone baking sheet.
All three colors ready to be marbleized.
Step 5: Drag a popsicle stick through the three colors to create a marbleized effect.  As you do this, spread the resin out forming a thin layer.  The layer should be about 1/16 thick...  no thicker than a piece of cardstock.
Mixing, swirling, spreading.
It's so important to spread this out thin enough that you can punch it with a paper punch.
Step 6:  Now we wait.  The good news is that since this is so thin, it will dry in about 10-12 hours so we don't have to wait as long as we normally do.
I had some leftover pink so I was ready with a mold so it wouldn't go to waste.
Step 7:  Get out your paper punch and start punching.  I used an oval, but any shape will do as long as it is not super detailed.  It's hard to punch through resin if there are lots of nooks and crannies.
Punching with the paper punch.
All my ovals are cut out.
Step 8:  You can punch holes on either end of the oval with the 1/8th inch punch and set an eyelet in it. To be honest, I don't know that I would do this again.  I like the way it looks, but I'm afraid the back of the eyelets might catch on my clothes.  Alternatively, you can drill holes with a Dremel.
Holes were punched on either end and eyelets set in them.
Step 9:  Join each oval to the next with three jump rings.  Add a clasp.  You'll need two jump rings and a fish hook wire for each earring.  Piece o' cake.
Barbie will be jealous of my new pink jewelry.
Next week we'll check out making our own molds.  Don't forget to check out Castin' Craft's website and comment here to win a prize package that includes two 8oz Easy Cast sets, and two different mold making materials!

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Lee said...

I love the transparent dyes that you can use to make mosaic looking art pieces!
thanks for the tutuorial and giveaway.

Terri said...

Birds Collage Pendants by Marie Browning
I love the jewelry... that's why I want to try the resin in the first place... I'm making jewelry for my grandgirls. I've heard it'd difficult though. Some of the more experienced jewelry designer bloggers say it is. I'd just like to give it the old college try.
Marbelized, too? How wonderful!

Sew Now! said...

I am interested in doing resin coasters. Thanks for the give away!!!

luluvision said...

ooh! I would LOVE to try this!! thanks for sharing!

As for the ETI website, I think I would have a lot of fun with the Artistic and Fun shapes mold with the opaque pigments!

Crafterella said...

I would love to make a glitter painting on a table top or tray and embed the glitter with the "lite" pour on coating!

Anonymous said...

I crazy quilt, so I would die to make the pendant's using the jewelery gem shapes mold. This is a perfect medium for creating some great items to be used on my CQ's. To have something that can give me the ability to make tailor made items for each CQ is such a exciting prospect:)

Thank you for teaching me something new!

Ann Flowers

Suzzy said...

I am so excited about this...Amate Studios Charmed Pendants...I'm going to look for all sorts of items to put into pendants while I'm garage-saling this Spring!

SuzyQSparkles said...

I think I would like to try the knob pull molds... I like the idea of making my own drawer pulls. :D said...

These projects have been so great! I love Suzy's drawer pull idea. Thanks tons for the fabulous series, I'll be linking.

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