Monday, April 18, 2011

Crafts 'n' Cocktails, Springtime Edition

Hi all, Sarah here. I’ll be talking at you in red today. Wednesday night was Crafts ‘n’ Cocktails, springtime edition for Sara and Sarah. 

An Assortment of Fabric Flowers - crafted @ the party
Crafty frivolty at the second crafts 'n' cocktails party.
The big event was, once again, held at my place as I have no kids to keep awake with all the tipsy glue-gunning revelry going on. {Thanks Sarah - this would be a disaster @ my house! -Sara} All I have is one very obnoxious beagle who continually demanded attention from all the guests, one somewhat obnoxious cat who chose the middle of the party to get stuck behind the washing machine, and one sweet, shy, little beagle who is the cutest thing in the world.

The sweet, shy beagle--Little Ruthann--makes an appearance, then quickly decides to go back into hiding.
Because we knew the weekend before was going to be dominated by the Creative Estates conference, we decided to keep the menu simple. Simple yes, but still yummy!

Enjoying some food and conversation before the craft
Tasha & Sara before being embellished with fabric flowers :)

Two kinds of Finger Sandwiches: Egg Salad and Chicken Salad
Pepper Jelly with Cream Cheese and Crackers
Pound Cake with Lemon Curd

We offered a choice of red or white sangria.
Click on the links for recipes (you'll go to Scribd or Google Documents)!

Sara handled the craft and she did an outstanding job. I was busy taking photos and filling drinks so I didn’t get to make anything (being the host sucks sometimes). But I’m going to make up for it this weekend. I’ll let Sara tell you more.

Ok, Sara here in purple. The craft ... yes it was super fun! We decided that fabric flowers would be a great springtime craft that everyone could have fun with. We had samples ready for three different types and let the creative people just go at it.

First, the rolled rosette that you see everywhere. 
Second,  the Rolled Fabric Flower using KojoDesign's Tutorial 
Third, No Sew Flowers using MADE's Tutorial.

We had all the supplies prepped, including a colorful array of beads for embellishments.

Of course, there were pin backs, earrings, adjustable rings & hair clips.

Fabric strips torn and rolled, just waiting to be picked and rolled into flowers.

Lovely picture of me there, showing everyone how to get started with the flowers! LOL

This is Joy above and she is a crafter / jewerlry maker extraordinnaire! She always takes an idea and runs with it - creating some really awesome things! :)

Joy's lovely Rolled Rosette Earrings - beautiful!

Joy's coordinated set.

Sangria and glue guns...  maybe not the safest combo.

Julie made a trio of the Rolled Rosettes ... all three are backed together onto a piece of felt. I LOVE hers!! (-Sara)

Rolled Rosette Earrings - too stinking cute! (Sara says: I wore these to work on Thurs & received LOTS of compliments!)

another flower with the Kojo Designs tutorial - this one wound up really tight and embellished with a couple of beads
ring close-up ... made this one LOOSE and added a couple beads to the middle
We love that Terry & Denise went wild with the flowers and just to be funny wore them the same time! Adorable ladies.
The party was once again a success ... and once Sara and Sarah catch our breaths, we will think about having another one. In like 6 months. :) Thanks for everyone who came and joined the fun - we truly did have a wonderful time & love getting together with other crafty people to CREATE (and drink Sangria of course){and eat ;-) }!
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Terri said...

What fun! Thanks for inviting us along.

Carol said...

I LOVE all of the flowers! SO cute and it looks like so much fun! I want to make some! A perfect activity to help cope with spring fever!
--Aunt Carol

Jessica Chism said...

Everything turned out so cute!! I love the crafty cocktail party, hopefully I'll be able to come to one some day!

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