Monday, April 25, 2011

Quilt Class, Part 3

My experience from this four-part class I am taking reveals: if you can get past week 1, you can do it. There was TONS of "homework" after class 1. We had to CUT all the fabric (and even though I started w/ a jelly roll, it was a lot) and MAKE all 20 of our squares. It was doable, but definitely a lot of work.

During Class 3 - we cut & attached the front border. I was initially unlucky and then turned out to be lucky because ... I thought I had 1.5 yards (as required in the pattern) of my border fabric, but I only actually had 1.0 yards. And the fabric is now all sold out (of course!). SO ... I decided to make the border more narrow and just use the 1.0 yards - it totally worked and I don't really care if the quilt's smaller than anticipated because I'm not sizing it for a bed (it's going on my couch). How did I get lucky? Well, I'm backing my quilt w/ Minky which is sold in a 60" width (you know where I'm going w/ this?). My completed front was around 56", so I didn't have to piece Minky together for the back! Woo-hoo ... I saved money, time and I think it'll look better w/o a seam down the back. Yay!

Homework from Class 3: make binding. This picture (above) is an incredibly long 2 1/4" strip pressed in half lengthwise. My teacher is doing the quilting for me, so tonight we attach the border and I'm *almost* finished with my quilt! I'm told that there will likely be some hand stitching that'll be completed after class, but I'm still thinking that I'll have my first finished quilt w/in the week! Cannot wait to show you ...

Tip from Class 3 - do not turn wheel of sewing machine away from you as that's working against the motor and the machine does not like. I do this all the time - had no idea it was "bad."

See you in a week - with a completed quilt that is! :)

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