Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Ruffle Top

The other week, some friends and I took our daughters to see Cinderella at the local children's theater. Its our tradition to take them to a nice "big girl" breakfast beforehand. As we were sitting there, I was asking what they wanted for their daughters' upcoming birthdays (the kids are still young enough, I can get away with asking the moms, what do you want for ...). Audrey just happened to be wearing her bike shirt that I made a while back. See ...

She ate ALL my whip cream!

Anyway, when the moms realized that I made Audrey's shirt they said they definitely wanted shirts like that for their daughters' birthdays! Yay! I love it when someone requests something SPECIFIC ... I just work better that way (otherwise, I get bogged down and never make a decision about what to make, and end up at Target at the last minute!) - boo!

Saturday morning before the party (yes, still last minute, but doable) I made this shirt for our friend. It only takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. We took it to "Peter Pipe" for the birthday party and I think the birthday girl liked it! I know her mommy did at least! :)

If you look closely, do you see the cute ribbon marking the back center? I love little touches like this ... and that ribbon coordinated so well with this cute fabric. I wish I has a picture of this on a model, but someone in my house who is the same age (almost) as the b'day girl, straight refused to participate. :(

Fabric: Dream on by Urban Chks for Moda.
Pattern: Ruffle Sleeve Top Tutorial (here) by Sparkle Power
(sizing tweaked to fit a 4-year old)

I feel as if I got lucky at the fabric shop recently when I found this Moda print on sale. It was precut and marked as approximately 1 yard for only $4.50. There was definitely AT LEAST 1 yard in there! I have enough to make at least 1 more of these, maybe 2. So you may very well see more of these coming in the near future! Oh and that same day at the fabric store, the stars must've aligned just right or something because this whole line of Moda prints was 40% off (on the bolt). So yes, I bought even more. And there is still another birthday around the corner, so you'll see this again. Next time I think I will use a coordinating fabric for the sleeves to switch it up :)

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