Thursday, May 5, 2011

LBB Pieced Tunics

So, Little Blue Boo published an adult pattern (woo hoo!)- and of course I bought it. I've made several Sienna dresses, love sewing with knits & repurposing items, so the new pattern was a sure bet. I LOVE how this turned's pretty / comfortable / flattering; I will absolutely make more of these! As usual, the LBB Pieced Tunic Top / Dress pattern was very easy to follow with good pictures to illustrate each step.  

Here's a shot of the back; I like the racerback style.

In this LBB pieced tunic, I repurposed:
  • black / white stripe: stretchy shirt from Limited
  • red: old tank from Ann Taylor Loft
  • chopper tee: stole from husband
  • aqua: very stretch GAP tee
The only problem that I experienced was some difficulty w/ the neckline. I had to REALLY stretch and pull to make it extend to the perimeter of the actual neckline. But it worked...the pattern calls for a ribbed knit for the neck and arms, so I bought some for my next round. Because really, these are perfect summer tops, and living in the desert, one really cannot have too many tanks.

Via the LBB flickr page, I discovered Meg from Fashioned by Meg, who also made pieced several pieced tunics. Hers turned out awesome - and she provided a link to an eBay shop to purchase Modal Spandex, which is the recommended fabric for this pattern. I've already ordered 3 yards ... and while I'm out of town this weekend on a very exciting kid-free trip to visit my favorite mama to be; I suspect I'll start on the next round of tunics promptly upon my return! :)

Here's my Tunic No. 2, I'm not as in love with this one - there's just a tad too much going on here: a little too patchworky for me in the end. In my head this was going to be all funky and cool, but I got a little carried away with all the fabrics! Oh well, it didn't stop me from wearing it to the park, and then on a slew of errands. :)

This tunic is repurposed from:
  • "music saved my life" tee that I wore during both pregnancies - til the end (that's HUGE!)
  • orange and brown - old white tees that I dyed a while back using Rit powder (the orange was in this dress)
  • stripes - shirt from the girls' closet that was too small for them
  • butterfly on yellow tee - a 3-6 month appliqued tee I made for Izzie when she was teeny tiny. I hand appliqued all of these tees & tanks back then, and cannot stand to get rid of them. So, they may be popping up in clothing from time to time!
  • aqua - other sleeve from the stretchy GAP tee I used in Tunic No. 1

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Meg said...

Soooo cute! Love them both!

Jessica said...

Love them - after seeing yours I definitely need to get this LBB pattern!!! Great job!

Gretchen said...

Cute! Did you add length to the original pattern to get them to be dress length as opposed to tunic length? Or did they just come out that long? I want to make a dress length one like yours but not sure if I should extend the pattern piece.

Sara @ Sara vs. Sarah said...

gretchen! I hope you see this - there is no email or contact information I can click on (for your comment) to email you! :(

I did not lengthen the pattern, I'm just short (5'3"). I believe if you wanted to make it longer, you'd just draw it out following the same lines of the 'skirt' piece ... not straight down, but angled OUT slightly to accomoldate for fullness @ the bottom.

I hope this helps and that you get the message! :) -Sara

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