Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beach "Terrarium" - Challenge Submission

This challenge is to create something about, or for, or of a GARDEN ... since we spent the past weekend at the beach, I had a lot of time to collect sea shells and enjoy beach scenery. It just couldn't be more beautiful there. When I left for California, I wasn't sure what to make for this Garden challenge, but I had an idea to make a terrarium. I've never made one before and they are pretty cool! After picking up probably one too many sea shells and happening upon a piece of coral, I had an a'ha moment ... make a beach themed terrarium!

So it is. I'm calling this a Beach "Terrarium" (in quotes) because I'm not actually growing anything. A real terrarium is actually a garden and generally contains charcoal (to prevent bacteria growth) and sterlized potting soil (so plants can grow). Mine is more like - eye candy!

I used:
  • Glass Container with Lid (not necessary since I'm not actually growing anything)
  • Moss Variety packet which has some beautiful moss variations,
  • Sea Shells & piece of Coral from Oceanside, CA
  • Cocktail Umbrella
  • Store bought dyed Starfish
  • Store bought sand (why didn't I think to grab sand when I was at the beach?!)
  • Rocks (bottom layer)
This took no time to put together and I think it's adorable. I have a little helper to thank for the fine placement of the items ...

After making this "terrarium" I have decided I am DEFINITELY making one with plants! I have a huge glass vase from Ikea that hasn't been used in years (since our money tree died), lots of leftover moss, & some nice rocks already. I am leaning towards making a succulent terrarium which does not require a lid (so I can use my big huge vase). I think it'd look pretty cool in our house and since we live in the desert, maybe it'll grow here! I really want to do it this weekend, so if my motivation continues, I'll post it here! ;)

In the meantime, pick your favorite Garden Craft and lodge a vote please!

ps- anyone ever made a real terrarium before? tips to share? pictures? links?

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Lisa said...

I love that nothing in it will die or need to be taken care of. GREAT gift!

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