Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Prodigal Quilt Returns

Though I feel like I haven’t talked about it much here, when it comes to creativity, I am a quilter above all else.

I’ve been away from quilting for awhile, but recently, I have taken up needle, thread and thimble again. And it feels good.

I’ve talked before about how I “punish” quilts that aren’t cooperating with me. This is one of those quilts. The pattern is from Appliqué Delights by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins, my all time favorite appliqué book by my all time favorite appliquers. I am doing the appliqué by hand and the piecing by machine, which is how I usually work.

I finished the center block in record time, but then lost steam. I blamed the quilt, put it in a basket, shoved it against the wall, and banished it to serve a punishment of indeterminate length.

Sara recently got me hooked on watching Criminal Minds. How does that relate, you ask? Well, because of the hours I am now spending in front of the television watching serial killers, I needed some handwork. Nothing goes with senseless murder quite like hand sewing!

After well over a year, this work in progress is now enjoying the light of day again, and I am enjoying working on it!

The big question remains: will it get finished without being punished again?

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