Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reversible Beach Blanket - Challenge No. 23 Submission

For the Beach Challenge, I decided to make a Reversible Beach (or Picnic Blanket). It folds out to the size of a full sheet and rolls up nice & tight for carrying. This is a beach blanket made from:

  • Vinyl Tablecloth from Target ($5)
  • Old Sheet from the linen closet
  • Red Cotton Webbing (handle)
  • Fabric Scraps from the Quilt (straps)

I saw this idea a while back in blogland to use a vinyl tablecloth for a picnic or beach blanket. I think that's a brilliant idea since it provides a waterproof 'barrier' to the ground! So ... when I saw this red & white tablecloth for sale at Target, I snagged it right up.

I backed the tablecloth with an old sheet that is super soft. I wanted to be able to roll it up and carry it easily, so I used cotton webbing to craete a handle for it. I added two long straps that tie into a bow & hold it all together. 

Here's a little closer up shot of the handle & bow, and then what the blanket looks like all spread out.

After your beach trip (or picnic in the park) just roll it back up! (I fold it long ways into thirds so that it's all centered / in the middle ... then you just roll it up & tie it).

If you like picnic stuff, check out this cool page out on TipNut. It's full of DIY picnic assessories, including several options for a picnic or beach blanket. I think that the roll up flatware holders are pretty cute and would be handy for a picnic. Hmmm, I may revisit this page too! ;)

As for me, in less than 48 hours, I'll be on a beach in Cali with my new blanket in tow!

If you like it too, remember to vote for it in the Challenge. Voting ends Tuesday @ midnight.

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VanClar said...

i love this

Unknown said...

amaze post. thanks for sharing this wonderful post. i like the color combination of these beach throw . I also want to share some collection of beach throw with you.

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