Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finished Quilt!

At long last, I can say my first quilt is finished! It turned out beautiful & I love it! It's found a new home on our couch and since it's backed w/ Minky ... everyone wants to use it! Here are some pics of the finished quilt and a few more tips I learned in Quilt Class with the talented Louise @ Scrapbooks, Etc. It's true - even if you know how to sew, you can always learn SOMETHING from a class! Plus group sewing is just fun.

I guess the story of this quilt would be this ... I fell in love with this fabric and spontaneously bought a jelly roll. I thought I'd make pieced pillows with it, but, then while at the Sew Sampler class with Sarah back in March, I saw this quilt sample on the wall. I chatted w/ the instructor, asked some questions and quickly became convinced that I could do it! SO - I bit the bullet. I signed up for the class, reserved the jelly roll for the quilt front, and then picked up some additional fabrics for the center squares, border & binding. The class was taught over the course of a month w/ meetings every Monday night (I have links at the bottom of this post w/ my progress week to week).

the quilting is a pretty swirly design that resembles butterflies - compliments of Louise

quilting detail on front side
Tips I learned during this process:
  • Learn how to properly thread your bobbin. Duh. My bad.
  • Put the needle all the way down WITH THE PRESSER FOOT UP ... slide fabric RIGHT up to needle, and THEN lower presser foot. This ensures proper tension, especially if you have an "auto" tension gauge on your machine, which I do. I never did this before, but it does seem to be helping.
  • Use a thimble when hand sewing the binding. You will suffer injuries w/o one. :)
  • When pressing seams (which you do ALL THE TIME  when you're quilting) "heat" the threads before you press the seams. What? If you have a 2 squares sewn together, while they are still folded (presumably w/ right sides together) ... quick press ("heat") the seam on the wrong side. When you open up the two squares to press them flat, it'll be easier. I love it.
  • If you use a Singer, buy a walking aka even feed foot if you're going to use Minky.
  • Do not use steam when you're pressing fabric that has already been cut to its precise size. Steam will distort the fabric and that's not good. I've not put steam in my iron since I learned this a few weeks ago!
  • If you're using precut fabrics (like a jelly roll, etc), chances are it has pinked edges. When cutting such fabrics, measure by and to the OUTSIDE tips of the pinked fabric, or the widest points.
  • corner close up
    In this class, I also learned how to attach bias strips so that they lay flat when attached, to make mitered corners, and how to attach binding to quilt and hand stitch with a blind stitch. I'm thankful to have these two tips in my sewing arsenal!
    All in all, this was a fun class and I love the outcome. I will probably take another class sometime, but it may be a while. It's a serious commitment - a quilt that is. I really liked having a "long term" project going while I continued w/ my usual quick fix crafts. Someday, I'd love to learn how to actually do the quilting part because I don't think I can fancy myself a quilter until I actually do the entire quilt!
     Fabrics Used:
  • Robert Kaufman Daisies & Dots Line (jelly roll for the blocks + yardage for border & binding)
  • Aqua Minky (front center squares and back)
  • I absolutely love the contrast of the aqua minky & the bright red binding. I think this is a color combo that will never get old to me!
    The rest of my quilt class posts: Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. PS: One of these days, perhaps my actual sewing will reflect the very long mental list of things I want to make ... like coordinating pillows with all the wonderful scraps I have from this quilt!
I am participating in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side!

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upatreecupatea said...

So neat! I have the front part of a vintage quilt that I want to finish...hopefully I will one day! I'll need to take a quilting class tho!

Sara said...

The blue and red are so yummmy looking! Pretty:)

stitchinpenny said...

I love the quilt and the fact that you were brave enough to try the minky backing.

Siobhan said...

It's gorgeous. I love the colours :)

martilindsey said...

Love the colors....nice job. You are a brave woman to sew minly to another fabric with!

Marti in San Diego

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