Monday, June 27, 2011

Tip Post - Storing ePatterns

By now, I've realized that I'm an ePattern kind of girl. I love, love, love the instant gratification of purchasing an ePattern (especially from shops @ Big Cartel because the download is automatic vs. Etsy). At least half of my crafting is done on a whim and if I don't have the supplies on hand or available in oh, 5 minutes often times it doesn't happen. Enter the ePattern ... we are a great combination!

After accumulating a couple of these patterns, I pondered how to store them. I came up with the idea to use these rings (purchased at the craft store):

I punch holes in the top corner of my Master Pattern Piece as well as any copies I've made of the pattern. I loop all the pieces onto this ring and then clip it onto a clothes hanger. I have successfully taken over our entire office, including the closet ... so that is where I "hang" all my ePattern pieces.

How I print & trace ePatterns (basically I make a master copy on card stock and make copies for the sizes I need on freezer paper):
  • Print pattern on regular paper, but print pattern pieces on card stock. I recommend using light colors of card stock because it's easier to trace. (That red up there ^^ is not traceable - boo!).
  • Align pattern pieces as instructed. I tape mine together with packing tape. This becomes your 'master' pattern copy. Do not cut any size out from this Master ... It's just for tracing now.
  • Now you're set up to trace the master pattern to make 'copies' for each size you intend to make. I use Freezer Paper for this. I go ahead and write on the Freezer Paper the Pattern name & Size. Then, when I want to make another Twirl Skirt in the 7/8 size, I'm ready to go!

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Tonia @ said...

What a great way to store the ePatterns. Mine are just kinda folded up and stored in a bin but this would be so much easier!

Terri said...

I know what you mean about wanting the pattern right away. When I get an idea I start embellishing it, until it is so out of porportion that I'd never be able to accomplish it.

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