Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Girl Present - goof up & how to fix

As mentioned before, I am enjoying the twirl skirt pattern by Lil Blue Boo. And I really really love sewing with knits! Having two girls makes for a lot of fun sewing, but having three nieces (and no nephews) makes for extra fun sewing!

My little niece in Iowa just had a birthday and I decided to whip up a fun twirl skirt for her. I was just serging along happily and thought I had finished up the skirt ... I was feeling happy & excited about the skirt, when I noticed that I CUT IT! Oops! The fabric became folded under and I created a ripped which I serged over, and consequently 'cut' the fabric.

Yikes. Here's the thing(s). Sergers have blades and the seams are permanent (unless you're willing to whip out four separate threads - I am not.).

So, I decided to patch the goof up with a coordinating heart made from Bamboo felt. If you're a regular reader, you know we heart felt in these parts. I simply placed the heart over the extra seam / hole thing I created and zig zagged around the edges. Cute, no?

Word is that my niece loves this and I have a most adorable picture of her modeling it, on my cell phone. Unfortunately, I don't have the faintest idea how to get a cell phone picture onto this blog. :)

Fabric from Hobby Lobby, also used on these rompers
Black rib knit used for the waistband

Should you have a serger incident ... consider patching it with felt! Now that it's all said & done, I like this Twirl Skirt better with the heart! ;)

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