Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tip Post - Used Blades

This is another random little tip post, but you know this simple solution didn't occur to me until someone told me. So ... maybe you'll like the idea too!

Have you ever wondered what to do with / how to dispose of those used rotary cutter blades? You know they're still too sharp to just throw in the trash (ok, I have two toddlers in my house so this is of concern to me).

Someone once told me ... "oh, don't throw that away like that! Just mark 'used' on the dull blade with a Sharpie and store it back in the box until you have a box full of used ones!" Clever, right? Happy sewing :)

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Terri said...

Could you purposefully dull them - say running them over the cement, try cutting cross grain on some wood... I don't know, but it seems really wasteful to throw them away. Isn't there someway to dull them enough to use them for a bauble, a necklace fob? Some pretty paper glued on or a painted design on it, then shine it up with resin and hang it from a black cord. Once it is in the landfill it stays until the archaeologists find it.

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