Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dobby Doll - Harry Potter Submission

I give you the Dobby Doll with a Gryffindor spirit knitted scarf! (You got that, right?)

My husband asked if I made a voo-doo doll.

My youngest daughter took one look and pronounced 'hims scary.'

I look at him and wonder where cute little Dobby went? He turned out a little creepier than I intended; however, he is so funny looking that I cannot help but laugh.

To make this creepy Dobby Doll, I traced the shape of Dobby onto two pieces of muslin and sewed him up. I stuffed w/ polyfil and drew on his face with Painter's Fabric Markers (like I used here). I used a scrap t-shirt sleeve to make his dress, which is tied on with a piece of yarn. Then I knitted a mini scarf in the Gryffindor colors, to show Dobby's love for Harry. :)

Dobby is seriously one of my favorite characters in the series ...and I just knew I had to include knitting somehow in this challenge (due to my love for Mrs. Weasley and all) Love her!

Anywho ...hope you enjoy the Harry Potter submissions and be sure to vote for your favorite :)

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