Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Challenge Submission - Harry Potter Pocketbook

I have a Harry Potter posse. We’ve seen the last 3 films together so it was a no brainer that we would be getting together on opening day to see the final installment. We’re geeks alrights, but not generally the “dress up as characters from the movie” type geeks. Still, I wouldn’t be opposed to a cool HP accessory so when Sara proposed the Harry Potter challenge, I knew I would be making a HP pocketbook—literally!
My Harry Potter pocketbook--literally!
I’d seen people make purses out of books before and this was my chance. I picked up a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at a garage sale for $5 (even used HP books don’t come super cheap!). First I cut out the innards, then I decoupaged the dust jacket to the book cover.
My pocketbook started out as an actual book.
The hardest part of this not very hard at all project was to sew a liner and add handles. You can find several good tutorials out there like this on at Hungry Panda Clothing. I flubbed up and added my handles after I put in the lining (oops). Oh well, it looks fine to me!
Looking into the purse so you can see the lining.
So, I’m all ready for Friday, July 15th when you will find me at the theatre with my HP posse watching “You Know Who” going down!

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