Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lots of Leggings

What can I say? On vacation, I let my kid walk around with a big bag of chips. It just makes her happy! What makes me so happy is seeing her all cutesied up in those ruffly leggings. Wondering if I made them, yep. Assuming after my recent sewing trend that I used a Lil Blue Boo pattern, yep. These were easy and fast to make - I see more in my future!

The pattern shows you how to spruce them up with ruffles like these aqua ones, or add elastic to ruche them on the sides (black and white ones below). Of course I used the options and have still yet to make plain ones. My other daughter was uncooperative but also has a pair of the aqua leggings & the B/W ones.

With preschool starting in less than a month (!!) I feel like going on a sewing binge and making lots of clothes for my girls. They only like to wear "soft clothes" (knits) so I know which section of my stash I need to delve into.

Here's a couple shots of the pants in action. The have a yoga style waistband so they fit well and are adjustable in the sense that you can roll the waistand over to make the pants a little shorter if needed.

The black and white ones have elastic ruching down the outside sides. Love the added touch!

I went to the Ribbons & Lace store here in town recently and found some fun elastic trims - in fun colors. I'm gonna add those to the next batch of leggings I make.

  • Aqua - City Weekend by Moda for Oliver + S
  • Black & White Stripe - Michael Miller
Both of these are amazingly soft, thick and just feel amazing. Now that I've had the opportunity to work with what I think are cheap knits, I am IN LOVE with these makers. I love them so much, I actually went back to the store and bought the City Weekend line in all colors! I also bought a couple other Michael Miller knits too! (They were 30% off because apparently the knits aren't selling... lucky me!)

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