Monday, July 25, 2011

Driftwood Cruisers Upcycled Dresses

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I've posted a couple times before about my husband's hand crafted wooden bikes / cruisers. The Driftwood Cruiser logo is so cool, I got to thinking that I should snag a couple of t-shirts and make them into dresses for the girls.

Since the t-shirts are black, I wanted to cute-sy them up a little bit. I have quite a bit of red and white stripe interlock leftover from making the twirl skirts  so I used that to make the sleeves and create a 'bubble' band around the bottom of the dresses. I used red ribbed knit for the arm bands & the neckband.

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The dresses turned out even better than I 'saw' them in my brain! :) So next year, when we head to Barrett Jackson - the girls will absolutely sport these dresses! I think they make a good marketing tool!

How do I get them to pose together? I don't. I ask them to twirl in the hopes of at least getting them both in a frame!
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Pattern Used: Lil Blue Boo Sienna Dress Pattern. Modification - add bubble band to bottom of dress at 75% of the circumference of the bottom hem. Add band to sleeves too.

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