Thursday, August 4, 2011

Christmas in July Submission - Felt & Sequins Ornaments

For me, "Christmas in July" means it is time to start working on my overly ambitious and frankly ridiculous goals relating to Christmas Crafts! Putting aside any goal of creating Handmade Christmas Gifts, my "selfish" Christmas goals are:

  • Family Stockings - handmade ones obviously (that'd be 4);
  • Perhaps a tree skirt;
  • An Advent Calendar like Inchmark's (which I LOVE); and
  • More handmade tree ornaments

Last year, I saw this awesome make it yourself kit at Sarah's house. You know the felt & sequin kind you embroider together? I love those things and convinced Sarah to let me buy it off of her! I would love to show you a picture of the set, but it's somewhere between Colorado and Arizona right now in my suitcase and consequently unavailable (been out of town a while)! I'll post a picture later.

Anyway, the kit includes the pieces to make a beautiful green wreath embellished with embroidery with YARN and a huge red felt bow. The set also includes five ornaments that you hang on the wreath: Santa, Christmas Tree, Angel, Bell & Snowman.

For this challenge submission, I present you with 2 of the 5! :) I'm working away on the others and am thankful that I have more time before Christmas as this is taking longer than expected.

Here are a couple pics of the felt - love the colors. Also love that the shapes are pre-inked on the felt with numbers to make easy to put together.

If I ever finish this, I have two STOCKING sequin & felt sets that I'd love to get to. I had a felt & sequins stocking growing up that my mom made and to this day I love that thing!

Happy Christmas in July & vote away:)
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doğumgünü hediyesi said...

What a magical Christmas card and just like to share that the soft colours you have used really is so beautiful and unique work on this Christmas.

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