Monday, August 22, 2011

Gifted Onesies

One of my 'go to' gifts for new babies is an appliqued onesie with the new baby's first initial. They are fun and relatively quick to make, and I *think* the recipients appreciate the handmade, personalized gift!

Lately, I feel like I've been so busy or just behind the eight ball in terms of gifts so this past weekend, I tried to address that! I went to Target for part of that problem (because what's not at Target?) and I made a couple onesies for the other part.

LOVE wrapping presents with leftover yarn ... so cute!

A couple of my friends from home just had their first baby (both girls, because JUST about everyone I know has a girl!) and I wanted to send them something special. Here are a couple of close-ups:

 This 'l' and 'c' were so small, I just used a straight stitch on them - feared a zig zag would've covered up too much of the letters!

Since the 'e' was bigger, so I used a zig zag on it.

My "trick" or method for making these, is to do ALL the stitching on the 'patch' (the houndstooth on the 'e' one), and THEN attach the patch to the onesie. It's just so much easier to stitch around the letters when you don't have to manuever around a teeny tiny onesie! I also used Wonder Under Lite, or the Sewable kind of fusible interfacing on all layers (letters, inner circle, & main patch).

These are the completed 'patches' before I ironed and sewed them to the onesies.

More prezzies ready to go! Tissue paper wrapped w/ yarn.
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Jessica Chism said...

This recipient very much appreciated the hand made gift! I can't wait for LC to wear it, it is so cute!!

allison c said...

I bet LC looks FAB in her cute new duds! Very cute Sara!

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