Monday, August 15, 2011

Making Hairbows from Knit Scraps - {DIY}

You know how you end up with tiny little scraps like this:

All of these scraps were turned into the rosette clips pictured above!

I am using these lately to make hairbows / hairclips for my girls. Since I've been making a lot of clothes, I have all those scraps, so I can coordinate the bows perfectly!

For the pink rectangular scrap up there, I cut it down the middle (long ways) to about 1" before the end - waalah! One long strip! Since you twist and wrap anyway, that square end is not noticeable.

I stocked up a while back on various kinds of hairclips. I like the "alligator" style one for one daughter (very thin hair). I love these little organizer boxes that I found at the craft store; they are perfect for little things!

These are SO easy to make. There are about 40 million tutorials on the web for rolled rosettes, and Sarah has instructions here. Basically, you tie a knot in one end, and then twist and wind - hot gluing as you go!

When you get to the end, you'll have some left over ... I like to glue that down over the BOTTOM of the rosette. You can trim is "round" so that you don' t see any of it from the top!

To attach to a clip, I like to add a strip of felt BETWEEN the prongs and then apply glue all over the top of that strip:

...and them plop the rosette on top! Then, I trim that strip so that it doesn't show. For small flowers, I start with a smaller strip:

If you make them, have fun and make plenty!

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Lisa, Hanz and Franz said...

Where did you get the alligator hair clips????? I have been LOOKING!

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