Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Challenge Submission: Shrinky-Dink Dog Tags

It just irks me that you can spend $8-10 at that big pet store (which shall go nameless) to buy a metal tag for your dog and all the lettering rubs off of it within a year.  It’s a rip-off.  I swear, they design them that way so you have to keep coming back and buying new ones.  Whatever happened to quality?!  Whatever happened to customer satisfaction?!  Harumph!
Little Ruthann with her new dog tag.
Well, I’ll show them!  Ha!  When this challenge came along, I had the idea to make my own dog tags and I decided to make them with Shrinky-Dinks!  I’ll be able to make oodles of them for the price of one of those metal tags at the pet store.  Ha!
A close-up of the tag (not a real one, of course, 'cause I'm not putting my address all over the interwebs)
I thought I was so clever then I googled it and found out I was hardly the first person to think of it.  Still, I did think of it on my own so I feel clever in my own mind.  And even though I’m not the first to think of it, I did write up a tutorial that will be posted tomorrow so come on back and take a look.

So now that you've had a look, be sure to vote for your favorite "pet" project.
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Hank Hendricks said...

These tags are very useful for dogs.
which on is more useful for people the metal or plastic key tags which they are using for identification?

Usman Hadi said...

I will definitely modify and use you dog tag card design in my Scratch Card

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