Friday, September 9, 2011

Charity Quilt

I just finished up a quilt top that was made from the scraps of a quilt my friend Denise made.  Can you believe she was going to throw those cute fabrics away?  I had to add the white, the sashing and the borders.
My intention is to quilt it and donate it as a charity quilt.
Think twice before you toss any scraps in the garbage.  Denise's scraps were big enough to cut 2.5 inch squares which I turned into this quadruple 4-patch block.  It's perfect for some kid going through a tough time.  I think they were worth saving.

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Sky @ Capital B said...

This turned out great! Such a cool idea to donate it too :)

Terry said...

Denise scraps are the best, It's such a pretty little quilt isn't it, great job to do it that way!

Terri said...

Sweeet! I'm so glad to see that you don't just cut giant brown squares to sew together and call it done. Even charity quilts should have some style and color, especially joyful color!!! Good job.

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