Monday, September 12, 2011

Working on my To-Do's

I've noticed throughout my life that I do better with a list. And I like nothing more than being able to check off a task. I have been know to write stuff down JUST SO I can cross it off. Weird, I know.

This weekend, I decided to get organized and write down some crafting projects that just need to get done; immediately I felt better. :) I made progress on my list this weekend, so needless to say, I'm pretty excited! (That is my kids' scribbling all over my list)

One of our first Tutorials was how to make Fabric Covered Paper Mache Letters. I'm using my own tutorial on a very large project ... making 4 names totalling 18 letters. Each letter is a different fabric, so I got to do some serious fabric shopping for this project. I'm making these for a VERY GOOD friend - honestly, you'd have to be a superb friend for me to take on this task. These take a while!

Here's a progress shot:

I have to cover a few more, then get to making the outside strips and covering all 18 edges. Whew ....

In faster projects .... I made some gifts this weekend and have them all ready to go!

A couple of these projects, I'll write up in a separate posts, but here are some close-ups of MORE GIFTED ONESIES for even more NEW LITTLE GIRLS! (I cannot tell you how few of my friends have BOYS ... someday this is going to be a problem, you know when girls seriously outnumber boys!)

Extreme close-ups! I cannot decide what I like more ... two fabrics?

Or, 3 fabrics?

Here's hoping everyone had a great, fun & productive weekend. If you too are into lists, I hope you got to check off some projects! :)

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