Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Pom Pom Pillow - Challenge Submission

I find it a lot easier to write a blog post when there is a "story" behind the project. In this case, there is ...

Last year after Halloween, I went to my fave local fabric shop (Scrapbooks, Etc.) and found this awesome Moda fabric on the 50% off table. It's called Haunted Mansion and it's an awesome combination of MUTED fall colors with a little spider pattern and some polka dots. I snatched up two yards. I envisioned making something for the kitchen table with it, but since I still use plastic placemats for the kids, I didn't see the use (and I already have a collection of table runners!).

Then the other night, Sarah was over and I was showing her some stuff in the craft room and I pulled out the fabric to show her. Meanwhile I committed a 'sin' in the knitting world and CUT some yarn that was tangled up (I've spent hours in my life meticulously untangling yarn vs. cuttign it). I laid the cut yarn on top of the pillow and saw a perfect combination! How well do these yarns compliment this fabric?

Hence, the search ensued to find a Halloween Craft that combined both fabric and yarn. I thought back to seeing this pillow by Living with Punks and had one of those a-ha moments! The perfect craft ... I whipped up the pom poms during last week's Project Runway (yay Olivier's gone!) and made the pillow in about an hour. It wasn't very hard, and I LOVE the turnout.

I have lots of other Halloween crafts in my mental queue, so here's hoping I get to them before the big day. I especially want to make at least one other pillow by painting big orange polka dots on linen on some linen blend - using this technique.

In the meantime, happy Halloween crafting and take a sec to vote for your fave project! ;)

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