Monday, October 3, 2011

Blocks from the Past Month 2

In August, I posted about a quilting challenge I had started with some friends of mine.  Each month we would complete four blocks from the book "Teach Yourself Blocks from the Past" by Marie Henry.  That first month, I came out swinging and finished all four blocks in the first week!
The August blocks.
Not so in September.  There were two pieced blocks, one applique block and one paper pieced block.  I whipped out the pieced blocks pretty fast.
I finished the "Surely Ellen" block first.  And don't call me Shirley.
Next was "Sister's Choice."
The applique block took me a little longer, but not much.
The applique block, called Swirl, was extra easy this month.
But, the paper pieced block?  Well, I wanted nothing to do with it!  I even considered not doing it at all or doing another block instead.  It was so complicated!

Well, I waited until October 1st (late!) to do it and it ended up taking almost three hours to finish.  I've made entire quilts in three hours!  I also sewed it together wrong the first time.
Wrong!!!  I almost left it this way as I was very frustrated at this point and I thought it looked fine.
But I finally got it right!  Yay for me!
Crossed Canoes finished correctly.
The October blocks have been announced and none of them are as complex as Crossed Canoes.  Thank goodness.  I should be able to finish them a lot faster.

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