Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Festive Fascinators - The Hat Challenge

There is a bit of story behind me making a Fascinator ... my good friend Jil from Modern Cupcake recently mentioned that she wanted a fancy fascinator to wear to a formal event. We decided that surely we could reverse engineer something to figure out the how to! She put together a beautiful collage right here of some high fashion fascinators. Jil, if you're reading we need to get together and make one!

So I googled Fascinator Tutorials one day and came across this great post with pictures and links to VARIOUS Fascinators ... such fun information!

One afterday, something magical happened - my kids BOTH took a nap at the same time! SO ... I pulled out my glue gun, felt, feathers, tulle and of course - pom poms! I made these two fascinators and thought they turned out so cute! :)

My nieces were over a couple of days later and LOVED them (and looked adorable wearing them)! So ... the fascinators have found a new home and I'll have to make some more for this house.

ps- these are SO easy to make. I showed my nieces (8 and 10) how to do it and they whipped up LOTS of them for their upcoming Girl Scout SWAP!

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Baron parker said...

I think that's hat only use to get smart looking that's not protect to head.But also give nice look.


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