Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lil Blue Boo Swap Dress - Hello Kitty Style

After all this time of making dresses from Lil Blue Boo dresses, I decided to finally participate in a Swap on the Lil Blue Boo Patterns page (on Facebook). All you have to do is tell the organizer what patterns you own and what type / size of clothing you'd like. In turn, you find out what someone else wants!

One of the things my swap recipient said she wanted was Hello Kitty. I'm sure she said something else too, but when I saw Hello Kitty - my decision was made! I LOVE Hello Kitty and I have no idea why...but I remember being obsessed with HK when I was a kid. Like obsessed.

Anyhow, I had seen this black HK shirt at Target a while back and thought it'd make a super cute Halloween'ish (or not) dress. I paired it with orange for Halloween, but added some pink to make it not exclusive to Halloween. I'm so obsessed w/ how it turned out, I really (really) wanted to keep it. It's a size 4 ... my oldest just turned 4. So ... I may need to see if Tar-jay still has this shirt & make another one!

I hope the recipient loves her new dress!

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