Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Tree Ornaments (DIY)

I saw this black grittery tree at Joann's a couple weeks back and really wanted it ...but not for $20. NOW, it's on sale for $8 so it's mine! It makes a great addition to my mantle :)

The garland is from last year's cocktail party - I still love it.

During my stint at Joann's wherein I picked up the tree for $8 ... I "saved" $67 but still managed to spend $82. I don't know what to say, but the sales and, my goodness the Martha Stewart Halloween stuff just roped me in! With no plan whatsoever,  I just started adding things to my cart: paper, tags, paper tape, stickers, fake "carvable" pumpkins, pumpkin transfers. I went nuts. And it was fun!

these little tags are a-dorable!

Back home, I started looking at all my goodies and decided to make 'ornaments' for a black glittery tree that I ALSO purchased on said day. Here's how it all came together ...

The center of these beautiful tags just *happens* to be 1.5 inches. I own ONE circle punch and it's that size! SO ... I punched circles from the scrapbook paper...  

Matched up ther pairs (circles to tags), and used a gluestick (not mod podge) to glue them down!

Then, I matched up the tags (back to back) so that when hanging (and twirling) there would be no front and back, but pretty from both sides!

I used sewing thread to make a loop through the top to hang on my tree.

I love how this turned out and it adds a lot of festivity to my mantle!

Oh, and I have seveal more Halloween crafts to finish or photo or just write about ... I cannot get enough of this FUN holiday!

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